Monday, September 17, 2012


The second week of September the boys started off with the washing and waxing of the tractors for a big tractor show and plow day in North Carolina.

Fireball Coyote made a loaf of bread for us.

Enjoying watching the process.

On Tuesdays the boys started art with Nona again.  Fireball Coyote and I walked around the gardens at Central Museum waiting for his turn.

We saw Two Orb Spiders (#1)

Orb Spider #2, Much Larger!

Prying open an acorn.

Stopping to smell the roses :-)

 In the evening the we all watched PBS Nova: Engineering Ground Zero.

Wednesday the tractors were loaded, only to be taken off on Thursday to help the trainer owner with his broken down truck.
On Wednesday we watched PBS Nature's Elsa's Legacy:The Born Free Story, but first in the afternoon we watched the movie Born Free

Thursday: A.J. (Animal Jam), soccer, and packing & reloading the truck for ... 

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