Sunday, September 16, 2012

Botanical Garden Fun and Roman Days

Some of the major highlights our first week in September.

We had a very nice playdate and picnic lunch at the local botanical gardens the other day.

The koi fish are HUGE!

Fireball Coyote got himself stuck in a tree.

"Look at this! It's HUGE," they all said.

Yes, it is!

Pumpkin was asked by a local college student to help with her project, by taking pictures of/for her.

Fireball Coyote was amazed at the huge Elephant Ear Plant.

One of my Favorite trees!

A.K.A. a Monkey Ball Tree!  The give milk. But VERY poisonous.

The next day we hung out at the library and the boys voted for their favorite book.

There will be a celebration party in January for the winning book.

On Saturday, September 8th we went to the Roper Mountain Science Center for Roman Days.  We had a blast, as always, there!!!

(My next paint project?)

The tents the Romans would sleep in.

Here we learned how they measured and lifted heavy objects.

Pumpkin answered his question about what language they wrote in, Latin.

His outfit weighs an additional 35lbs. on! (UGH!!!)

The Romans would put animal skins on their helmets to wear in battle.

Making glass.

Getting ready for battle

They would put their arm up in surrendering.  We got to vote if he "lived or died."

Battle number 2.  (The guy in the blue bottoms lost, again.)

The shields were a bit heavy.  These were made of plywood.

Writing our name in Latin at the schoolhouse.

Holding a baby mouse.

A ball python in the Rainforest area.

Touching a sting ray in the marine area.

Fireball Coyote touched a sting ray for the first time :-)

Checking out the sun.

The kids built a pop can catapult and tested it.

They then put a sticker where their furtherest penny landed.
We did celebrate dad's birthday this week along with our usual Animal Jam computer time, PBS Kid TV shows, Latin lesson, soccer games.  From the library the kids picked out and watched Kung Fu Panda 2, Bullies are a Pain in the Brain, Phineas and Ferb: The Daze of Summer. 

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