Wednesday, September 26, 2012


For the past two weeks we have been doing our regular Animal Jam, PBS Kids, PBS - Nature & Nova, playdates, soccer, Latin, art, and such.  Here's some pictures from the past few days.

The boys & Fireball Coyote & I played Mancala. Fireball Coyote & I also played checkers.

Pumpkin likes to work on his "land."

He wants to make it touch the ceiling.

We had a playdate at the park with friends.

Pumpkin worked on volume ~ seeing how much of his body would fit into a child's swing.

Fireball worked with gravity.

A GREAT shot my friend took.

Both had soccer games that night.

Saturday was Butterfly lab class.

They both got caterpillars to watch grow into butterflies.

Went to Pickens County Founders Day after Butterfly Lab

Both have been into the games on my FB page.

More gravity & social work.

A funeral for our pet parrolett, Woodstock. (The house is now sickening quiet :`-(  )

Being Daniel Boone.

Going through a bag of things mom got tired saying "pick up."

Weeding the garden.

LOVED chasing a balloon around the yard!  (Till it popped :-(  )

 Now, you may be wondering what the "Chinlerest" is.  The other day I was explaining to my friend, who teaches future middle school teachers at a college, about unschooling, homeschooling and all the big & little variations in between.  I also mentioned all the other names used for unschooling and my thoughts on things.  We came up with Child-Interest-Led-Learning as "Chinlerest."  She said, "If there is a Pinterest, why not a 'Chinlerest'?"  So we now Chinlerest. (Ch-in-ler-est)  Think it will catch on?

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