Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A cry for help ~ Matthew 25:35

"For when I was hungry you game me something to eat."
Matthew 25:35

   I receive a blog from Jessica at and called Bohemian Bowmans.  She had an idea to make a wish list on Amazon.com and ask for help with their family's blessings.  Boy did people respond.  

   I know I don't have as many followers as her, however we are in need of blessings, also.  So, I have created a "Wish List" on Amazon, too.  On there there are many things I bought when I had a job and the boys have asked for several times, some items we use I couldn't find so I chose the closest thing, or things I wish to buy. The boys have even commented to me about their stomach hurting from not having as much organic or all natural foods as they use to.  

  I also added items I'd like to buy for them for Christmas or Santa to bring.  Usually, by this time of year I was half way done with my shopping and haven't even started or have the money to start.

   I am enjoying being a stay at home mom VERY much, but hubby's tractor repair man salary isn't bring home very much.  After he pays what bills he can, I get usually $100 - $150 for gas for the truck, Latin lessons, groceries, and what ever field trip/class money I can get out of what is left, if anything.  I am having a hard time feeding the four of us, clothing two growing boys, and preparing for the holidays.  I have suggested that I go back to work and all respond with "NO!"

   You may say, "Well, what about food stamps/ EBT?"  We've applied and he makes $40 too much.  "What about the local food pantries?"  We have tried several of those.  The food we get is either expired, rotten, or something they won't touch and it goes to waste. Have you tried 'Angel Food Ministeries'?"  Yes, we have. However, you need the money in advance for them and it's hard when you need he money now to eat. You might also say, "Don't go out to eat."  We don't, I cook daily.  "Get rid of cable/ satellite TV."  We never had it. "Make his and the boys lunches." I do, I make all our meals.  We had even filed for bankruptcy, twice.  They said we aren't bankrupt enough since we can pay some of our bills.  Their advice was to pay off the smaller ones then move to the bigger ones. With those options unsuccessful, I am out of ideas.  It is said, "Give a man a fish he eats for the day.  Teach him to fish, he eats for life."  If anyone has any other ideas I'm willing to give them a try, but I am plum out. 

   Hubby, with tears in his eyes, at lunch the other day, informed me that our neighbor was having a hard time putting food on his table.  Every time he put something aside for lunch his stepson had eaten it.  He is going through a divorce, raising a 16 yr.old and a 6 yr. old.  Hubby asked me to do what I can to help with "Jack's" lunch.  I made some "bottom dollar" chicken we had (that no one here really likes when I buy it) for his lunch and an apple cake, and oatmeal cookies for his kids.

   So, not only will you be helping feed us, you will be feeding two families, by allowing me to make homemade dishes for them too.  I am starting to make many things form scratch now: bread, pizza, use more eggs for protein, tortilla bread and chips, stromboli / wedgies, more cookies and other things.  It is easier to make these dishes, but hubby complains that it too much starch some days.  He missed the days of meat, noodles, and lots of vegetables and fresh fruit.  Having the items from the Wish List would free up more money to buy fresh meat, vegetables, fruit, sea food, cheeses, and such.  When I was working I would spend $50 easily in the produce section.  Now it's $0 - $10, if it's not spent on other things to get us through the week.  I still am trying to eat smaller portions and more salads and the garden has helped, but it doesn't seem to be enough. 

   I know I asked for crazy amounts on the list, but some things we go through quickly (applesauce & other things), and some are to "stock up on" ( jelly & other things).

  I Thank You!!! in advance for any help you can give and/or for sharing this with others who may be able to help.  I believe that Amazon will just send the items directly to me, so no need to worry about an address.

   Zechariah9:12  ~  Come back to the place of safety, all you prisoners who still have hope! I promise this very day that I will repay two blessings for each of your troubles.  

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