Thursday, October 4, 2012

That's so Chinlerest

Here's what Fireball Coyote was into the other day.

He was trying to fix a broken paddle.  Then it lead to ...

Seeing how it works.

On Monday, the boys discovered our neighbors Maypop plant.  They learned from butterfly lab & R.M.S.C. that the caterpillars they brought home LOVE these plants.
The long brownish things on the leaves are the caterpillars.

Our neighbor showed the boys what he did with the fruit as a kid.  (Don't think they are edible though!)

Make a horse.
 Later they asked to play PS2.
 Ahhh, yes. That lovely zoned look & fire in the eyes.

For art, Nona gave the boys measurements to follow & make a Robot.

In between Fireball Coyote's class & his brothers, Fireball Coyote & I found a nice little park for him to get rid of some energy before his art time.

We timed how long it took him to do each individual part, he added it all up.  Then we timed him doing it all. He was 2 seconds more than each part individually.  Not bad!

I was up before the boys yesterday (since they were up till 4 AM ~  :-/ ) & flipped the power switch to the TV, to see what would happen.  It really wasn't missed, they moved on with their day quickly. :-)
Starting with Homemade Poke'mon cards.

 Then to the "100 acre woods", building something Poke'mon-ish outside, and the "back 40".
Later that night we all went for a short walk.  Fireball Coyote wanted to go all the way down & discovered a snake.

Trying to catch the snake.
When we came back they did a load of their laundry.
& vacuumed the livingroom :-)
Then we watched PBS's Nature: Kilauea:Mountain of Fire.

Today is the usual start ~ PBS Kids shows in the morning & afternoon with soccer in the evening.  Wonder what else the day will bring.

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