Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cranes, Cabs, Giraffes, the 1800's and Clay

I started this post last week, but then checked on a local giraffe and she was in labor, so here it is now.  (amazing what life and homeschooling brings.)

Two weeks ago ...
The boys helped dad a bit with his metal stand, by measuring.  

And holding it so dad could weld.

Then they would "play" with sticks.

Fireball Coyote climbed a tree.

I noticed my tadpole has hind legs growing.

Monday, Oct, 15, 2012
the boys had an evening classes at R.M.S.C.
A quick stop at the pond first and spotted turtles.  Can you spot 4 of them?

During Fireball Coyotes class he and his partner made a crane and lifted objects.
In Pumpkin's class he learned about horseshoe crabs.
Proud of his paper horseshoe crab.
Papers about what he learned and a vile of horseshoe crab blood ~ in powder form.
Tuesday was Nona art, Latin, All-Star Soccer practice.  Wednesday, our PBS Nature, Nova, and Nova science Now programs were about Wolverines, Forensics on Trial, and if science an stop crime.
Thursday, I rearranged the boys room and they hung out.
Fireball Coyote did a Halloween magic square game.

He spun a raw egg to see if we could scramble it in the shell.  So far we haven't had any luck. :-(

Friday, Oct. 19, 2012
we had a small group field trip to the Ashtabula House that was built in 1825.

We learned about the history of how the house was established and history of the area.  What people were like and what they used for trading or bartering.
Making Indian Trading beads.
We had to make "calling cards" to get into the house.

The receiving room.  Children were NOT allowed in here unless asked by mom to play the piano.

In line to go to school ~ by age.

Answering the teacher's question.

The hats worn because having a "farmers tan" was considered low class.

A game called stairs. 

All week we were GLUED to the computer because
 Autumn, at the Greenville Zoo, was expecting at ANY time!

Marble maze had Fireball Coyote hooked again.

As I said above,  I was working on this blog when I looked and here comes a baby!
Dad encouraging mom ~ so sweet!

After 49 minutes of labor at 11:49 PM a baby was born :-)
This past week we have been up to ~
Monday ~ hanging out, All-Stars Soccer practice and the birth of Kiko the giraffe, Tuesday ~ a doctors appointment, running around, All-Stars Soccer Practice, Wednesday ~ an all day (8 hrs.) playdate, our evening of PBS - Nature ~ The Magic of Snowy Owls, Nova ~ Iceman Murder Mystery,  Nova science Now ~ How Smart Can We Get?  
Thursday ~ we went on a small group field trip to The Trail Potter.  They got to do an hour with the wheel, an hour with a slab, then lunch and painting time.
Learning the fast version of wheel work.

Leveling out the top and forming the inner shape.

What to make?

A bowl for starters.
 Then they switched.
This was SO cool! I wish he would of kept it like that, but he didn't.  He had other plans.

This was SO up Fireball Coyote's alley!
He even had fun "washing it off."

Paint time.

Dad went to a tractor show for the day and weekend so in the evening the boys and I had an "all night" movie marathon.  We watched ~
from 8 PM ~ 1:30 AM
Today, Friday, we were to go gemmin', but my friend had in-laws pop in unannounced at the last minute. (DARN!) :-(  We'll get there one day. So instead we started another movie marathon

Took a break and went to the library and the boys worked Animal Jam, back to the house for Wild Kratts and other PBS Kid Shows, a candle light dinner (which dad doesn't like)(and NO tv on!! WOOHOO!!! We had a lovely conversations!!!!!! ), played "Soccer Monkey in the Middle" ( I figured to would help work on their skills), and back to the movies ~ ending the night with Schoolhouse Rock Earth and Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang.  I think the boys enjoyed our special days and nights together.  I know I enjoyed the extra snuggling on the couch. :-)

One day about two weeks ago, I had the idea to compare my bread machine bread to the bread my husband prefers. We compared how quickly they became stale.  In addition to which molded first.
The store brand with NO Artificial Preservatives is on the top and my bread machine is on the bottom.
We noticed they both staled about the same, but mine molded quicker since it has NO preservatives of any kind.  I asked which they wanted to keep eating seeing this ~ I have one that wants just the bread machine bread and the other said he just wants bread and doesn't care which kind it is.

Did you find all four?

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