Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weekend Hands-on Learning

On Friday we drove to R.M.S.C. to pay for some classes the boys will take later this month & next. When we were there Pumpkin noticed a section of mineral rocks.  With further investigation we saw that they are mineral rocks that are found through out various areas of our state: the Low Country, Midlands or Upstate. There are 14, but I'm only posting 3.  Fireball Coyote is credited for these four pictures.
This cool lizard was the greeter.

Limestone in Orangeburg County ~ Low Country

The Midlands.

Cherokee County ~ Upstate

Saturday, Fireball Coyote darned his pj's.

He then did his brothers pillow & 2 of his pillows.

Played Math Blaster.

While Fireball Coyote was doing that, Pumpkin helped dad with the Volvo, all day.
Tight-ting the blower fan in.

Sunday we went to Clemson's Bob Campbell Geology Museum for their open house day.
While waiting for our friends we started collecting for our leaf exchange.   The seed pod of a magnolia tree.

Red Pine Tree.

The theme at the museum was dinosaurs, since they are setting up a T-Rex display.

Answering a question on birds to "gem".  (the dino ball was too hard)

Fireball Coyote took it upon himself to answer questions on a sheet.

There is a room in the museum that they have rocks & minerals that glow in the dark.

Everyone just calls it "The Florescent Room."

Pumpkin & his friend looked at the different hands on activities through out the museum.

Which do you think?

Fireball Coyote choosing either sharks teeth or gems for doing the questions.  He chose sharks teeth.

Pumpkin & his friend doing the "harder" questions on the other side (more age appropriate).

Working on his Dino head Origami. 

T-shirt stencils.

Pumpkin did just a simple blue maple leaf.

Posing for the museum's camera.

Pumpkin listening to instructions on the Dino head.

Our friends took us out for ice cream & friends from our former school also joined us.

Pumpkin & his friend made a club.
Say "Cheese."
Funny picture time!

The answer to the "Which mineral shows a double image when you read through it?" is .....


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