Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cold Smold

Pumpkin has a full blown cold this week.  However, no sick days for us, we plug on.
Breaking open a rock he thought was a geode.

Pumpkin, however, did not have art this week, don't need to get Nona sick.  Fireball Coyote did and worked on a 'town' with his measuring and drawing. In addition to playing Mohjong, solitaire and another comp. game.
Pumpkin people decorated the town of Pendleton for a festive this weekend.  This one was at the library we go to for Latin.

Fireball Coyote decided to get a library card from there, in addition to our county card. 
On Wednesday, to stay 'clam' and get ready for another play off game today, we watched movies from the library ~ The Winds in the Willows and The Bridge to Terabithia.  We also watched our PBS Nature & Nova shows.  Nature was the about the Siberian Tiger, Nova (#1) was about the Viking sword, and (#2) was about humans and how & why we may do some of the things we do, like language.

Today was PBS Kids shows, then they moved to PS2 games.  (anything to stay 'calm' before the big game)
Game time came for both and went.  Sadly, both teams lost.  It was Fireball Coyotes last game of the season  (3-0) and Pumpkin's team lost the next playoff spot (3-1).  We are hoping he makes All-Stars though. Both end with their team parties & trophies.  It was a good season.

Tomorrow the usual bank, gas & groceries.  The weekend holds lots of options for us on Saturday, wonder what we'll choose.

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