Monday, August 27, 2012

Hanging Out

This past week has been filled with PBS Kid Shows, soccer practice, Lego's, Pumpkin started Latin lessons again, hummingbirds, stars, fire building, and marshmallows, and a glass bottle experiment.

We've had practice twice a week so far; weather permuting.

 On Wednesday, I was luckily enough to get breakfast in bed and ...

 A story! :-)
Fireball Coyote read me Stanley, by Syd Hoff.

 The boys have been using their imagination all week with the Lego's and came up with ...
"Green Super, Green Police, 'Custom Made Green Ninja', The Fang Blades, The Green Ninja."
 All colored with Sharpie.

On Friday, August 24th., I had had it and after we picked out a few "need now" things from Walmart I said, "O.K., you have $40.  Choose what we eat this week." So, the boys had full control of the meals this week.  It was a bit hard for them to figure out what to get, but they did it, for the most part.  They even figured out how to buy a koi fish, too.
Later, in the early evening, we went to a friend house for a few hours to hang out, talk, play, and such.  We all had a blast!

On Saturday the 25th, Pumpkin went to Science Lab and learned about hummingbirds.  He also made
Just this morning we spotted a hummingbird at it!!!!  :-)

 Saturday night was bon fire night. 

Roasting marshmallows.

 We did a science experiment with glass bottles.  They boys were wondering what would happen to them if we put them in the fire.  So we put them at the bottom in the ashes.

The next day the bottles had cracked.  Hubby was surprised it was hot enough to do that.

 Last week Friday, August 17th. we did go to Roper Mountain Science Center and watch the star show, then rode the Mars Roller Coaster.

This weeks line up so far is running around town, soccer practices, bird sitting, maybe a lunch date, Latin, and two dentist appointments ~ Woohoo.  ;-)  Bring the week on.

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