Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Fun

On Friday, August 17th we had a picnic lunch with friends then went to Oconee Heritage Museum

Played at the park after we ate.

Signed in at the museum.

Had fun looking for all the piggy banks that "mommy piggy" lost.

Some old butter churns.

At the end there is a "dress-up" area where some one had FUN!!!

And some one got silly!!!

"I'm a colonel in the Army."

The canoe is under water to help preserve it.  It was too hard to get a picture of :-(
We just happened to be there on Appalachian Story Time.

The craft after the story ~ chalk boards or doorknob hanger.

We also met some new friends to hang out with! YIPEE!!!   They are unschoolers too! BONUS!!!

On Saturday the boys painted their "niece’s" birthday gift.
Pumpkin did the paw print all by himself.

I taped off her initials for Fireball Coyote to paint.
 On the way back from our Friday Field Trip, there was a local guy selling shrimp on the side of the road.  I bought 2 lbs, heads and all.  Saturday was time to shell them & cook them ~ YUMMY!!!!!!

I pinched their heads off and shelled them.  Then Fireball Coyote cut the vein out.

After dinner we planted our fall seeds.

We planted sugar snaps, lettuce mixture, and carrots.

 Sunday was party time!!!
There was a ring toss game, ball toss and scavenger hunt.

 Yummy candy was a prize and we all know what happens when one eats Sugar Daddy's ...

You pull out a lose tooth!!!
That night was STEELERS time!!!!  

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