Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We LOVE BeleChere

every year Asheville, NC holds a festival they call BeleChere.

To us BeleChere = food, walking, crafts, walking, music, walking, corner shows, walking, history, walking,  an array of people, walking, and most of all FUN!!!

Cool craft! (on my "to do" list!)

Biking to make electricity. 

A "corner show".
You put money in her container, the she drums & turns towards you.
 Then she slightly bows to thank you.
Kinda like a music box.

Pumpkin's smoky gray (on left) & regular white (on right) geode. 

Fireball Coyote's with a light baby blue.

We watched a glass blower.
He had some cool necklaces we bought for a donation.
(I'll share later after we get the computer up & running again! :`-(  )

The glasses we shared to see while he was working.

Laser tag in the children's area.

Hat making. 

We did get some more tape & fixed that side up.

An eagle and a snake.


Watching an abstract artist as he paints a picture.

This was HYSTERICAL!!!
These people were rating others as they walked by.
In addition one of the signs the lady is holding says
"Put your shirt back on"
LOL!!! Loved it!

Pumpkin got a "wooden snake puzzle" thing.
He went right to it when we arrived home.
We watched more Olympics that night too.

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