Monday, July 30, 2012

We went to the zoo, zoo, zoo and watched the Olympics.

Our week started out one could say "kind of hum-drum."

The kids 'hung with dad' on a bit Sunday, watched tv, worked on the computer, the "usual."  Monday wasn't too different from that with the addition of PS2 most of the afternoon.

Tuesday, we mixed things up a bit & went to another local library for the kids program, instead of Wed.

A hula-hooper named Cara Zara preformed.

I think the girls liked her more than most of the boys.
It was a short 30 min. show.

Wednesday, we went to Greenville and saw Disney's movie Chimpanzee.  It was GREAT!!!
After that our friends and us had a picnic lunch at Cleveland park and went to the Greenville Zoo.  It's a cute little zoo, not many animals, but a nice way to spend the afternoon.

I love his pose!

Axolotl from Mexico. So cool looking!

Seeing eye to eye?

Gulfodulcean Frogs from Costa Rica.

Rhinoceros Iguana.

Gnawing on a log.

Our friend looks like she's almost touching the lion!


I love how they eat!

WATCH OUT!!! He may bite ;-)

A snake was spotted on the path way.
Pumpkin touched him to see if he was still alive, just barely.
So he put him in the bushes near by & watered him down a bit to moisten him.

What a size difference!

Prevost's Squirrel, from Southeast Asia,  is so cool looking!
Wednesday night ended with our PBS Nature (bears), Nova (Quantum Leap & Multiverse) line up.

Thursday, the boys did computer games, tv, Pumpkin & I started a game of Cribbage, then we did some 'running around town.'
One place was the post office where their pen pal letter was sent to England.
I had Pumpkin do it, he was nervous, then so proud when he had finished. 

On Friday, Fireball Coyote discovered some plastic animals and flowers I had in their craft drawer.
The imagination flew!
In addition a lot of the language from the Chimpanzee movie came out ;-)
Then that night, as most people did, we watched the Olympics Opening Ceremonies.  We talked about England's history as they did their performance.  They had fun looking at all the different countries flags, clothing and the MANY countries they had never heard of~ some I never heard of either.
  Pumpkin hung in there till 11 pm and Fireball Coyote beat me.  I was out by 11:30 pm.  He watched the rest of the ceremony and the evening news.  I know this because, when I woke I noticed the camera was in a different place.  I scrolled through the pictures and found one of the seven day weather out look.  He did this, because of my next post, our day at BeleChere in Asheville, NC, on Saturday.

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