Monday, July 9, 2012

Where We Have Been?!?

Sorry for not posting lately, we are on vacation.  WOO HOO!!! :-)

I did start a post before we left, but never finished it.

So here's the latest.

We stopped at one of our favorite rest area that show our local coal work through the years.

A favorite of Pumpkins.

The boys so far have drove golf balls, played mini golf, watched  A LOT of Animal Planet, History channel one & two, Phineas and Freb and Ninjago on Toon, Disney Channel, visited with their aunt, uncle and cousin, saw fireworks, celebrated grandma's birthday, built with Styrofoam, glue and odds-n-ends. Built with Lincoln Logs, played with Micro Mini cars, did puzzles, road a trolley in & out from town,  met (a video) the Pittsburgh Power and went to a game, bowled a game, ate a HUGE Ice Cream Sunday, practiced with their new tennis rackets, played Footballopoly, and more.  Plus, we still have a week left! :-)
Today on the list Kennywood!

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