Friday, July 20, 2012

Before Vacation & Week One of Vacation

Now that we are back here's what we did ~

 Counted & weighed pennies & nickels from Nona's neighbor.

 Went to the library and learned about jazz music.

 Had a playdate after the library.

Creek exploration. 

Minnow hunting.

Made "Flat Pumpkin & Fireball Coyote"
& sent it to Australia for an adventure.

 Swam in our neighbors pool.

An on going game of NFLopoly while watching Animal Planet (Which the kids LOVED!!!).

Built foam structures.

Was AMAZED at the cat drinking from the sink.

Celebrated Grandma's Birthday & watched fireworks
 in one spot from 3 different places.

Drove golf balls.

Played mini golf with Grandma.

Watched the Pittsburgh Power in town.
(with their Aunt, Uncle & Cousin.)

Their shirts are full of autographs!
Fed Koi fish.

New tennis racquets. 

Went bowling.

Had AWESOME ice cream sundays at Sarris's.

Watched to Power in action.

And more to come!!!

(see previous post for links to this weeks events.)

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