Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Flying" Into The Great Unknown & Other Happenings

This past weekend Pumpkin helped dad and they worked on a tractor for one of dad's friend's.  Fireball Coyote helped me by doing the running around, cleaning, cooking & "staying out of dad's way."

After doing that all weekend, Monday started out with watching the DVD Brigadoon again.  Then looking at the books from the library about Scotland and the U.K.  Then the boys watched a DVD they chose, Kung Fu Panda 2, they watched it four times!

On Saturday, while Fireball Coyote and I were "running around" a lady from a local church asked if he'd be interested in attending their VBS.  The words "touch a plane" came out and that was all she needed to say.  The boys had never done "touch a plane" before and were excited and nervous to go.  They put on their 'brave faces' and went it alone, last night and tonight.  Fireball greeted me yesterday afterwards by saying, "I want to come tomorrow too!"  He had two kids from his baseball team there and one homeschool group friend.  Pumpkin, however, has no friends there.  I am proud to say he still wants to go and I hope he sticks his neck out a bit and talks to someone tonight.  He didn't last night and got the "most well behaved" treat.

Today we also went to the free movie, Rio.  It was ok, not a fav of anyone's.

Tomorrow the library & a play-date followed by VBS and more to come this week.

(  The answer to how much a fish eats to equal 1 lb. of fish we eat is ~ 1 1/2 lbs of food.  )

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