Thursday, June 7, 2012

Duke Energy, Triangles, & Ice Cream

On Tuesday, we met some friends at the  Duke Energy Visiter Center and listened to John Fowler, an Appalachain singer and story teller.
The boys loved his stories and music.
 Then we went on an indoor walking tour of how the plant worked and different energy types.

Making atom fission. 

How the nuclear plant makes electricity. 

A touch screen to tell you about the different parts of the plant.

A "quiz" to see what you know & how you feel they are doing.  

They received a nice "goodie bag' of free treats.
(Postcards, Frisbee, pencils, calendars, cup/ can koozies.)

The Butterfly Garden between the World of Energy and the Power Plant .

 Later in the night is one of the last baseball games.
 Then the award & pizza party.

On Wednesday the boys have been BIG into and the lineup with PBS Kids on TV. (Which is what they did all day Monday.)

Also, on Wednesday, Pumpkin wanted to give me a "triangle paper folding lesson".  After we did that, I showed him how we folded it to pass note in the hall and "play football".
With this in mind, I brought out my Montessori triangle boxes.

Pumpkin made some angles: obtuse and acute. 
Fireball Coyote took the rest of my boxes and made Delta fleets. 

Today, Thursday, we had a homeschooler field trip to
  Bruster's Ice Cream to see how it is made. 

Getting ready. 
Fireball Coyote adding some chocolate covered Pop Rocks
 into the cotton-candy flavored ice-cream

 Afterwards we went the local library and the boys ...
did the educational games in their system.
(Meanwhile, I got out book about America to read later ;-)  )

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