Monday, June 18, 2012

A wonderful time in Asheville NC

My uncle came to NC for a visit with a friend of his and we got to hang with him for a day.  :-)
The boys had a little history lesson of Asheville and experienced a new town.

Started our day with a random act of kindness.
The boys were fascinated with the parking meters and noticed one was expired.
My uncle put a few coins in to give them some time & they happened to walk up when they were done.

We went to The Grove Arcade walked around and ate lunch at Carmel's.
Pumpkin was reminded of a Latin lesson.
 He commented on how there were shops below and housing above the street.
We both liked the set up and thought it would be cool if it was apartments instead of offices.

The boys were fascinated by the mailbox and it's chute.

The pigeons ate Fireball Coyote's pizza crust.

A LARGE drum we saw in a store.

The 'famous' "Flat Iron".

The Elizabeth Blackwell M.D. bench.

The center of town.

Fireball Coyote was tired walking around after awhile, so we hit he park.
On the way there we got a bit lost & past 
Norfolk Southern's roundhouse.
Fireball Coyote was excited.
"I've ALWAYS wanted to see a roundhouse! And it IS round" he said.

This park was a race track back in the 1960's - 1999.

There is a bike path (outside lane), a walking/ running lane (inside track), in-line skating, beach volleyball, playground and more!.

Time for a group picture.

Try #1.



Got it!

When we were in town we popped into a toy store, Curio's. The boys chose Hex Bugs and are LOVING them!

These are the Hex Spiders.

They also got Hex Nano's. 

Both boys built an arena for them.

That is OFF the table too!!!

In addition, a Melissa&Doug U.S.A. License Plate Game Travel Gameto play on our road trips.  They even played it on the hour fifteen minute trip back towards the house! 
The boys did not want to leave Asheville or our uncle.  We had such a GREAT time!  Thanks Uncle!
Love ya!

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