Sunday, June 10, 2012

Documentation, Diapers & Schoolhouse Rock

I was wondering how I was going to turn in some of my first homeschooling documentation and the answer came to me in two email blogs.

I received a blog about a calendar for next year from 2 Dynamic Mom's Homeschooling Adventures that I am using to "plan" days for next year.  

When I was looking at their website and found this for the attendance sheet (#2).  I love that I can keep both boys on one page and have all the "little codes" for other things we do.

To summarize all we have done I am using the trimester from Ladybug's Teacher Files, one for each boy.

Now, to see what else I need to send in.

On a different note, I just had to share these cute little diaper babies I made for a friends diaper baby shower.  No one else had made anything "crafty" out of the diapers so these were a BIG hit.  I found how to do it here, but just tucked my cloth in the back & it stayed.  Plus I rolled the socks from the inside out.  I made the "bed" for the babies in the basket with all the other diapers. 

When I left to go to the party (in the early afternoon), I let the boys watch a dvd, Schoolhouse Rock.  Well, Fireball Coyote has been watching it ALL afternoon and evening!  He even has certain ones he repeats with eyes shining, grinning & bopping around at times too.  Pumpkin has also been enjoying it, but I think the repetition is getting to him, lol.
Notice the remote by his head. 

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