Monday, October 28, 2013

Safe Haven & Educational Adventures, Inc. with Scaly Adventures

are two WONDERFUL educational groups.  We had So much fun learning, playing and working with them!

Scaly Adventures tent. 
The tree limbs the boys helped stack.

Safe Haven's presentation. 

The reptile house. 

Mary (holding the snake) makes some of the earrings, paints eggs with the animals pictures, and more!

Everyone shared in the fall festival. 

The one place I knew where I could find the boys.

BBQ served by Swine Em and Dine Em .

Time for the costume contest.
Any ideas who they are dressed like?

"A future fill in?", asks Mr. Curren. 

Pierce Curren, Mister Scaly Adventurer himself.

All the entries are in. 

The judges deciding. 

The prizes go to ...

The Ladybug was first.
Second, Darth Vader.
Third, the other Pierce.
Fourth, Pumpkin as Pierce.
Fifth, Hermione. 

Fireball Coyote having a lesson on the hedgehog with Danielle . 

Keila and Jen

Scaly Adventures' presentation. 

The boys learned that if an alligator is on it's back, it's basically asleep.

Pickle and his bow tie

courtesy of Safe Haven. 

Spike the iguana. 

The boys learned more about snake pattering. 

And about albino coloring in them. 

Mimicking in snakes. 

Safe Haven and Scaly Adventures
are wonderful people and educationally awesome!

Then it was time to clean up.

And a few last far range arrows.
Even Keila had a great time!

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