Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Showing Others Our Weekend Educational Fun

                                  Friday we had fun with our friends from S.O.S. at Cleveland Park

Followed by an evening of stars, planets, and the moon.
While waiting to go in Fireball Coyote and T.S. made 'rabbit helicopters'.
(the link is one I just found by Goggleing.)

Pumpkin and C.S. looked at the cases of TV and movie space memorabilia. 
After the show we went to the observatory and looked at the moon, the galaxy Andromeda, and Neptune.  Both boys were AMAZED.  They had never been to R.M.S.C. and had never experienced anything like we were doing.  During one of the shows I whispered to C.S., "Welcome to 'Pumpkin's and Fireball Coyote's' school." "Really"?!?, was his reply. Then he asked Pumpkin, "This is your school"?  "Yes", said Pumpkin.   "Awesome."
I asked our guests if they learned anything. "OH MY GOSH YES!" said T.C.

Second Saturday was just as fun and educational for everyone. 
I challenged our guests NOT to learn anything. (I mean it is the weekend and they are public school kids. So they can't learn either, right?   ;-)

Holding a white lipped tree frog.

Holding a corn snake.

Time to dissect an owl pellet. 

"WHAT?!? No gloves this time?!?"

Pumpkin's owl pellet findings so far.

Pumpkin's friend found some skulls in his owl pellet.

Vole jaw with zig-zag teeth.

Mouse jaw.

Enjoying the touch tanks.

Touching a sea urchin. 

Dragonfly compound eyes.

Checking out honey bee's.

Out at the butterfly garden they observed caterpillars.

Made a butterfly life cycle plate.

Tagged and 

released butterflies.
The lady announced that last year's butterflies, only 50% of them made it.
The numbers used to tag these ones started at 200.
Follow along at MonarchWatch.org 

Working with a magnetic work.

Foam domino line.

The kids were to use cars and design a way for them to be held back by the fan.

Pumpkin became upset when Fireball Coyote wouldn't let him see something with the car, so he moved on.

Later everyone caught up to Pumpkin at the Lego design room.

Everyone except Pumpkin went to see if the sun was view-able.
However, it was too cloudy.
All that was seen was a black dot in the sky.
Fireball Coyote and Snoopy.
The other boys made paper cup parachutes. 

Too small  :-(

Pumpkin was determined to make a four-wheel drive vehicle!

Back to the dominoes. 

T. S.  was determined to get his name on the board with the wind design.
He was SO close.
Another girl came along, used his idea and her name was put on the board twice for the slowest category. 

Asking Val how to help solve his delimia. 

We saw an old friend from our former school days and together they worked on a puzzle.

Pumpkin was still working on his vehicle until it was almost time to go.


Then he decided to try the race against the wind challenge.

Fireball Coyote was determined to get the puzzle done.
And with a little help from some friends
and his brother.

THIS was FUN to look at!
(If your like me and are interested in them. Here's the link.)

Trying to find that one in a million ;-)

Everyone was hungry after a fun and educational day. 

When we arrived back at the house it was time for a different kind of fun.
Tractor rides.
And bonfire building.
A few Pokemon games.
It's kinda hard to pick out the contrast in the sky, lit trees and shadowed trees,
but it looked at the time.

Time to roast hotdogs, and marshmallows.

There were tired kids that night. 
The boys gave C.S. & T.S. a lesson on driving tractors.
 I think (& know) that our guests failed at NOT learning and told me so, too. They had a BLAST with us.
T.S. thanked me at least five times for taking him to the planetarium.
After spending a few more hours with their friends we went to work at Safe Haven.
It was time to do what the boys do best.
Dragging tree limbs and making a big bonfire.
Sunshine and Rainbow came to help too.

Shop vac-ing the garage door.

Relaxing after a hard afternoon's work and checking out the animals.
It was a fun-filled, educational weekend.  
Time to relax for a few days!

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