Monday, September 30, 2013

Animal Education and More

Tuesday, one of our favorite days of the week.  Why?

 It's volunteering day!

And on those rare days we get to hold an animal.
Today, a baby chicken.

(Showing it to the chinchilla.)

After we visited Sunshine and Rainbow.
Rainbow will also volunteering with us on Tuesdays.

was a packed day.
I baked in the morning.

Pumpkin made a dessert also.

Fireball Coyote learned how to lace shoes.

There was a 15 minute Latin Lesson for Fireball Coyote.
(The Latin teacher was late due to a dead battery
and we need to be at a television premier at 6:30.)

The Premier of Pierce's Scaly Adventures!
Getting to know Pierce.

Checking out the reptile house.

Dinner time!

Pierce, Goliath (the snake), and Fireball Coyote, new friends.
 Followed by watching Nova's Secrets of the Viking Sword, on PBS.  We missed the PBS's Nature Flight South America, and will either watch it on line or wait for a repeat.


Fireball Coyote was walking on the path to the house and noticed a strange creature.  It was a flathead worm.
These worms are DESTRUCTIVE and kill Earthworms.
Get rid of them!!!

Finding out about the worm lead to where in the world Indochina is.  That lead to finding a road in the Sarah.  To where Pumpkin's penpal lives. And eventually back to our house.

We also had a MAJOR bulling event happen in the house between the boys, so I checked out Bullies Are a Pain In The Brain.  During the show, I brought up several situations that have occurred here and asked if it was bullying or not.  We also talked about how to use our words better, ways not to bully and more.

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