Sunday, September 22, 2013

Starting Our Crazy Fall Schedule

Dad had a friend that gave him half a pallet for a great price full of sod. So...
the scraping begins.

Followed by tilling.

Then the Heavy work starts.

And the placing.

Lastly, filling in.
Rain was moving in fast this day, so the rest was laid later.

After one of our bi-weekly volunteering days, Fireball Coyote worked with a different volunteer and wasn't sure if the correct bedding was used for the porcupine, hamster, and others. So, we asked.  Later I found out that the mistake was made for the better and no changes needed to be made.
Wednesday, we went to Discovery Place and had a blast as always!
Touching a Donkey Dong Sea Cucumber. 

As soon as they got upstairs they headed to a rope that you pull and it launches a ball straight up.
They LOVE it!

Checking out his "hot spots".

Pipes and ball maze.
While we were there, I bumped into a fellow homeschooler that we've done group homeschool trips with, but we never really chatted.  We got to know one another and discovered we have lots in common and our kids bonded well.  Pumpkin and I stepped away to look at the aquarium area, while her daughter and Fireball Coyote hung out.  (Thanks again Friend!)
Loving the the jellyfish.

These fish were 'spitting' out rocks making holes in their tank.
It was SO cool to watch!

I spy two starfish?

With fall comes Fall Soccer.
Practice time.

Here comes traveling for more games. ... sigh...

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