Sunday, September 29, 2013


Since dad's birthday didn't happen as I would of like it to, we snuck in a small "Happy birthday" moment the next day, after he worked on the car all day and checked under the house.

I made the cake and Pumpkin iced it.
He had an idea.
Drew it out on paper, then with a toothpick.
Then he and I talked about all the different ways to 'top it'.
colored sugar was what we had.

I am amazed, proud and in awe of his work!

A weed whacker lesson.
 On one of the cards I decorated, I put the word "Friends" on it and divided the inside into three parts for each of us to thank Sunshine and Rainbow for taking us to the Children's Museum.  Pumpkin's continuation of the word "Friends" was amazing!
He was VERY proud of it himself.
(In a phone call later from Sunshine, she said she was almost in tears from his words.)

Pancake time!
 On Monday, Sept. 9th, we started a Martial Arts class with some other homeschoolers.  On of the online-email-homeschool groups I follow, posted that they were offering it once a week for an hour, at a REALLY great price.  I waited a while to make sure it was a go, signed us up, saved and scrimped, and paid it off.  Monday was our first class.  We learned some punches and ducking moves.  It was nice for me to get back into it and the boys were thrilled that they were Finally learning Martial Arts!

Our Tuesdays and Thursdays, with an occasionally Friday or Monday night has been soccer, soccer, soccer.
Wednesday afternoons Latin lessons.

Pumpkin had the idea to make L.J. a fort.

It was also a great day for a picnic. 

We had a park day Friday.

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