Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Hands On Education

With all the warm days we had, we had to go swimming one more time

work on the properties of water.

We had a playdate at Paris Mountain State Park, with our friend we 'hooked up with' at Discovery Place (I'll call them... Sunshine (the mom) and Rainbow (daughter) ) and some new friends we made.

Sunshine and I grilled lunch for everyone,
while they explored the creek, built a dam, and critter watched.

Learning about Beyblades and battling.

Playing Frisbee.

We babysat for "Sisterfriend" so they could go out for their 16 year anniversary.

Buddies :-)
 Sunshine and Rainbow invited us to The Children's Museum on Sunday.

Working the Robot Fun.

Race car racing.

Learning about air.

Pumpkin bought himself a Smashed Penny holder and smashed a penny.

Garage Rock fun!

Video art.

Fun on the bike racks afterwards.

With the money they earned from babysitting the boys bought Beyblades and played.

Dad had a "comparison moment" and 'yelled' so a Mad Minute came out with hands on learning materials.

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