Thursday, September 26, 2013

I was D O N E!

On this day, it was team and individual soccer pictures time.  Let's just say mine turned out a WHOLE lot better than what I paid for!

 Then it was game time.

The next day was an adventure in too many ways! Good, bad and exhausting. 

Pumpkin decided that he wanted to earn $20 cash. So he volunteered at the University of South Carolina's Mind and Brain research, to do a research focus on how the eye tracts words when reading and when the adolescent mind switches to the adult mind for reading.

So, off we go early in the morning to Columbia, a 2 - 2 1/2 hour drive in the AM.

Mile marker 106 into Columbia, the car downshifts, quickly. I touch the gas, nothing.  So I pull off from the middle lane to the side of the road, turn off the car and wait, thinking the engine's hot.  As we're sitting there a SCDOT man pulls up behind me, comes to the passenger side and asks what's wrong.  I tell him what I think is wrong & he has me pop the hood.  Come to find out it's the timing belt.
After trying to track down hubby and seeing what he wants me to do, I have called "Other Brother's" mom ("Joy") to rescue us.  She's on her way, hubby says no tow it back. I call her back and say never mind.  Then hubby changes his mind again. (ERRRRRR!)  I am also calling USC Brain & Mind  and telling them we won't be there, then yes we will, but late.
After all the details, for now, are worked out we go and Vincent makes his $20.

Meanwhile, Fireball works on dad's birthday card.
(Oh ya. Today's dad's birthday too!)

We hang out for around 2 hours, waiting.

The room Pumpkin was in.

The eye tracking machine he used.
 After he's done we head off to find "Joy", since she works on campus.  On the way Pumpkin spies ..
A Luna moth caterpillar.
 We find "Joy" and she takes us back to her house.  I make us lunch as she goes to get "Other Brother" from school.  Then we wait.
I was told that the car should be done today.

We wait some more.

By 4:30, I was told it wasn't done. Then told it was done in the next sentence.
We said our Thank You's and Bye for now's
and got the car.
 As we are heading back north the dashboard lights up with every light possible!  (UGH!)

Off to the side again we go.  I pop the hood and  what do I see???

Every belt off!


 I was ready to cry!

This time I was out of the range for SCDOT to help, MM88, so I called hubby and he can with a trailer to tow us back.

We got back by 11:15 PM

The next day dad took off and fixed everything.  He also talked to the shop and worked out a deal.

What a time we had!

Then later that night, I asked if dad accidentally spilt water on the floor.

Come to find a water leak in the kitchen!
(Have I said AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! before?!?)

On Saturday, we discovered it was the ice maker copper hose.

By then I was,  feeling we had had our "things come in three's" and I was

D    O    N    E      DONE!!

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