Monday, September 30, 2013

Educational Fun With Friends

There was one day, last week,  when we were volunteering that we learned about the worm snake.  

We learned that they are rare.

Start out at about a centimeter. 

They don't grow very big.

They are nonvenomous. 

And just plain cool to look at and hold.

On Wednesdays ...
With fall coming PBS has been running new shows. Recently we have been watching their series on Earth Flight.  We saw the Africa and Europe episodes.

Fireball Coyote made a card to thank our friend for letting him hang out with her at RMSC.

 was another picnic lunch and park day with our homeschool friends.

Playing Beyblades.

Saturday night ...
The boys stayed over at their friends from soccer's house.
(sorry for the bad picture from my phone.)

They had SO much fun there no one wanted them to leave.

Learning to do flips.

Homeschool Martial Arts day at Greenville Martial Arts.  

Playing "Sifu Says".

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