Sunday, September 22, 2013

Laborat Pueris

The rough English translation ~ The boys are working.

Learning to make homemade bread crumbs.

Cutting the grass.

I've been making my penpal cards lately, hoping the boys will do more.

We have been doing a postcard exchange with a few people.
I design them and the kids write some info on the other side.
So far we have 2 from Australia, 1 Germany, and one Massachusetts.

Doing yard work, then giving L.J. a ride.

Learning how to cut a potato to microwave.

A little help putting dishes away.

Garden work with dad.

Pumpkin's science experiment freezing a wet paper towel.
(He's still having fun with this one!)

Fireball Coyote frowning because of a loose tooth and having a hard time eating.

Making calzones.

An egg experiment with raw and hard steamed.

Reading before the first Latin lesson, that both boys are doing now.

One of their favorite book series to read.

Checking out books for L.J. & I.

Then Latin time!
 Laborat Pueris

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