Sunday, September 22, 2013

Getting Back At It

There's been a lot we've been up to, and I finally have some time to post about it.

It was warm enough that we could of splashed in the pool, but on one did.
 The boys were severely grounded the next night for three days, off for good behavior Sunday. The learning didn't stop though.
The first day they were in their room all day and I found them doing this...
sorting copper pennies from the 'cheap' ones.
 They became interested in using the 'cheap' ones to make a penny floor.
We even Googled how much some are from the 1940's & 50's.

The third day there were several chores that were done, since they weren't done on the second day. 

I LOVE a man that does toilets! 

Making scrambled eggs for breakfast.
 Sunday, the grounding was over because we had a rare playdate with "Other Brother".
We met up with "Other Brother" for lunch and went to Riverbanks Zoo.

Comparing hands

They had a BLAST at the Gorilla's language area.
You could even record your voice and the gorilla's mouth would move as your voice played back.
IT was COOL!
I Loved these guys.
 Just hanging out.
"Step up to the Challenge ~ Sky High Ropes Course"
They LOVED it!
Fireball Coyote is the orange shirt holding the pole.

Pumpkin is the white shirt going across the middle.
("Other Brother" is the one on the left.)
They did eventually make it to the top!

A cool Dragonfly blending in.

This giraffe was SO close we could almost reach out and touch it!!

Watching the tank get cleaned.

Pumpkin took notes on all the salt water fish he'd love to have.
After the zoo we all went out for pizza at a nice place called
It was good. And a nice way to end a full day.

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