Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Old Cardinal Gem Mine, Franklin NC

Right after Pumpkin's swim test we went with my "sisterfriend" to Franklin, NC to go gemmin'!

The boys both wanted 'stocked' buckets.

My sisterfriend and I had "Natural" buckets.

Both boys wound up with a NICE ziplock bag full of gems!

The gems we could find in some of the buckets.

Then she let the boys sign the wood to say they were there.

Pumpkin's stash.

(yeah. I took them all. I wasn't taking any chances!)

Fireball Coyote's.
 Sisterfriend liked this place better than another place she gemmed at.  She said this place was cleaner, friendlier, and more fun.  The boys and I had a great time.  Pumpkin even asked if we could go back monthly!  Not sure about that, but we WILL be back!

The boys have been into Rolblox and Pumpkin came up with a skeleton head he wants to do for a base.

Pumpkin got a thread box to sort his gems into.
We need 2 he has so many.

Fireball Coyote has been BIG TIME into watching Ninjago on DVD from the library.

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