Friday, August 2, 2013

A Mongolian Meal & Phipps Conservatory

On Friday night, I wanted to take the boys to Phipps Conservatory to see all the different plants and they had a stain glass show going on.  My sister, her husband, my nephew, his girlfriend, my mom and the three of us first went to bd Mongolian Grill.
This was a totally new experience for the boys.

I'm especially proud of Fireball Coyote who went out on a limb!
Not only was he the most resistant to see what was on the bar, but he tried duck!
An LOVED it!! 

Lovin' all the glass!

Just a few of the pieces.

After this picture I handed the camera over to Pumpkin for a bit.  

Yes, that's a mouse, gathering seeds from the plant.

A wooly mammoth exhibit.
( the link shows how they did it.)

Blue Tango ~ Beautiful!

Fireball Coyote touching a banana tree.

Out at the children's garden.

The layers of dirt.


Desert room

A fountain where you could make the lights and water dance.

I had a hard time getting my camera to focus on the guys and the background.
So here's the guys.

Here's the background.
Here's the one my sister took.

In the Tropical Room they have a 'party' some Fridays, over 21 only.  ;-)
So my sister & I checked it out.
They also had an India theme going on that the boys missed out on.
My sister's camera too MUCH better pictures than mine!

I liked this.

The same glass from the first Phipps picture, but at night.
A GREAT night with the family!

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