Monday, August 5, 2013

Fascinating Chipping In

To help the boys with their desire to have pets we have no room for, are too exotic for us to care for right now and Fireball Coyote's desire to be an animal rescue person.  We had our first day of volunteering.
The boys helped pass out the water to the birds.

Refilled water containers.

Watered the duck, chickens, guinea, & goose.

Raw eggs just laid that morning.

Visiting Dakota.

The owner thought she'd help and get a picture without the fence in it.
But all she kept getting was the backside.

The newest member at the house.
One of Pumpkin's favorites!

Changing the newspaper and fresh water.

Fireball Coyote was in a different room working with a hedgehog, chinchilla, sugar glider and other animals.

One of the chinchilla's getting exercise.

He's trying NOT to smile!
Holding one of the baby snakes from the pregnant  Dumeril's Boa.

Till the next visit.

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