Saturday, August 3, 2013

Osteria 2350 Rocks!

Another of Fireball Coyote's career choice maybe being a chef.  Cooking seems to refocus him and helps him be productive.  My husband has a friend who is a chef and works in a restaurant in Pittsburgh.  Hubby FB-ed him and asked if we could have a tour of the back-of-the-house and to give me a call.  He did and we went.  :-)

Waiting for our time to meet the head chef.

Osteria 2350
An elegantly "casual Italian eating establishment located in Pittsburgh’s Historic Strip District", across from the Cork Factory.

We enjoyed on white marble table ~ Pumpkin - an Italian sandwich, Fireball Coyote - Gnocchi, and me - Italian Chicken Sandwich.  We all LOVED what we had and it left us SO full!  Then the boys found some room for dessert and shared a bite with me; Pumpkin - S'More Cheesecake & Fireball Coyote - Oreo Cake.  Both were YUMMY! (even though the cheesecake was VERY rich from the chocolate.)

After we ate we had the grand tour.
This is Cioppino's ~ A seafood, chophouse, bar.
It is attached to Osteria's and both are fun from one kitchen.

Into where the action happens!

Each person has their own section they work ~ seafood, grill, frying, and so forth.

Ovens, sink, prep area ...

Meghan, the dessert designer.

A look into the frig & freezer areas with all the fresh and local ingredients. 

Time for questions and more on the be-hind-the-scenes advice.
Thanks Greg!  We LOVED it!

When we left I spied this old church and snapped a shot.  Later that night it was in the news about how they are repairing it.  (Can't remember the name :-/  (mom??? )

Pumpkin noticed the smoke coming from this place.  I pointed out to him that it is the
Heinz 57 Plant. 

A foggy Pittsburgh from the Strip District area. 
 After we headed East of Pittsburgh to Latrobe. (home of Mr. Rodgers!)
Fireball Coyote was already beat!

Waiting at Hoss's Restaurant, for some family, mom & Pumpkin decided to go for a walk.

No sooner did they start and they arrived.
 After dinner the boys played a new airplane game on the computer and loved it.  Then it was time to rest before a BIG night out the next night.

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