Sunday, August 4, 2013

Getting Ready to Head South

After the late night we all were still tired and hung out.
Playing Animal Jam

& flying planes.

We went back to mom's and vegged out with Animal Planet, History Channel and Weather Channel.
Friday was packing day.  We had a carnival to go to at night and I wanted to get as much in the car as I could, in between raindrops.
My Uncle R came up from W.VA. heading to NY and stopped in for a quick visit.
It was GREAT to see him again!

Finishing that yummy homemade ice cream!

Then it was time to hit the road Saturday.

The boys always LOVE to stretch their legs at The New Rive George, in W.Va.

 One day we'll get there.

Then we went to the restrooms and looked around the gift shop and information area.

While we were there I spied a Passport to the National Parks of the US.  When I was checking out I mentioned to the Ranger that we were doing the SC parks and she gave us sheets to do The New River.  When the boys do it they can send in for a badge or patch.

I also found this book.
Then it was on the road again.

After trying to settle in a bit, Fireball Coyote had a hard time winding down and was up 
working on the binomial cube and Frantic Fish till he was tired and went to bed.

The next day (bright and early in the morning  :-/  ) was a week of swim lessons for Fireball Coyote.
(more on this to come)

After class he investigated "dragon's blood".

And made a chart to track them.

Later that night it was 'blow-up bat and hammer' fight time.

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