Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mini Golf, Moore Park, & Haircuts

Saturday, all of us from Friday and my nephew's girlfriend's brother came to play mini golf. Nine of us playing 27 holes.
The fun was only just beginning.

The new Gold Mine hole.

LOVED this one!! It sprayed water!  LOL!!

This one had smoke from the bottom of the rocket come out.

Thought this was pretty.
After mini golfing, I took the boys to the park at the end of my mom's main road.

The guy here was there with his grandkids and got his running by challenging Fireball Coyote to obstacle course challenge.  Then Pumpkin got into it, followed by his grandkids.

Soon everyone headed to the sprinklers to cool off.

The walk back to mom's ~ down the cobble stone road ;-)

The boys found the old matchbox cars from my nephew's younger days.

Time for a haircut!
Before ...

Fireball Coyote HATES having the little hairs down his back.
Shake that shirt out!


Some shopping then a new treat, Rita's Italian Ice.

Staying to the right?

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