Sunday, August 4, 2013

Swim Lessons, Self and Life Rescue

Fireball Coyote's swim 'test'.

 PASSED! :-) 

Working some puzzles.

Grass cutting.

Trying our hand at homemade gnocchi!
It wasn't too bad.

Fireball Coyote LOVES it when dad shaves him.
 Pumpkin on the other hand could careless.

Playing AJ

A cool math work.  You can put your finger on the black area and it will 'move' with the warmth of your hand to reveal the answer.  Fireball Coyote was really getting into this!

'Nough said.

Pumpkin's turn for swim lessons with life rescue taught too.
His favorite thing to do ~ dive.

Making a chain to rescue someone in the deep end.

 (This should be) Pumpkin learning how to rescue himself fully clothed!

How to use a jug or something that will float to toss out and rescue someone.

 PASSED! :-)
Till next year!

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