Thursday, May 10, 2012

So Far So Good

Someone I know called their kids
"Diamond's in the rough".  
I liked that.  I'm going to use it too.

On Sunday, my Diamond's in the rough were up to
Learning to jump off a ramp.
 on Monday
Flowers we saw on a walk on a mountain.
A found lizard on a tree.
(Picture by, Pumpkin)

The view.

(The next 3 pictures by Pumpkin, too.)
View from the left.

"This is area we live at boys."
"This is amazing," was all Pumpkin kept saying.  Repeatedly. 

The right.

More flowers on the mountain.

The mountain we were on, Glassy Mountain.  We even saw the road we are on from there.

The previous day, Pumpkin was worried that dad's water would over flow.
So I set up a glass with ice and water before we left in the morning.  Then we did an errand and went to the mountain.
When we returned in the early afternoon this is what he saw.  It was the same level.
This lead to a brief talk about the iceberg's melting. 

Fireball Coyote's baseball practice.
 Tuesday  was art with Nona for Pumpkin while Fireball Coyote and I went grocery shopping.  Followed by a Latin lesson.
Pumpkin used charcoal for one work and make a book sculpture inspired by ideas like these ones

"I'm smiling!"
 The boys watched, from the library, Trevor Romain's

Cliques, Phonies & Other Baloney

How To Do Homework Without Throwing Up

Screen Shot Which they watched at least 5 times! ;-)  I took this idea and applied it to the chores they are asked to do.    It's better to do them and get it done than run and hide from it.  They never go away.

Then they worked with Lego's for a bit.  Then I did  with Pumpkin.
and Fishy Nouns with Fireball Coyote.

Then each boy & I played Mancala and  they moved on to checkers.

Tomorrow, we are going to do some work that I downloaded from Currclick.  I won a gift certificate from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom's blog (which I LOVE) and had fun shopping! Thanks Jill!! :-)

Friday, brings a field trip to Table Rock State Park with the homeschool group.

Anyone's guess what the weekend holds with Mother's Day coming.
 (Hummmm,  wonder what they're up to?!? ;-)

NOW, to tackle those dishes. (sigh)

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