Thursday, May 17, 2012

A "Run Into Town" Turns Into ...

A Turtle Hunt!

The "big" city next to us has Mice on Main and it was thought at a local public school  to have bronze turtles.  Zan Wells, made the mice and our turtles.  Then they were placed at 12 areas (&/or landmarks) around town and were made to help promote clean water.   After all, the Leatherback Sea turtle is SC's reptile.

So at the parts store, Pumpkin spots the flier, the lady behind the counter says one is right outside the store,  and "We're off!"
(Someone's camera has the wrong date ... sigh.)
Starting in front of the parts store is # 8 a Chicken Turtle, named Turbo.
(Note the smiles!!!)

Now we'll start at the beginning with #1, at the fountain in town.
Still "under raps" is Red-Eared Sliders: Colonel, Amelia, Abraham, & Amber.

Down the road is a historical house, Hagood-Mauldin House.
Here we found, after a long look around, Joab, the Snapping Turtle.

3rd is Brick, the Bog Turtle.

The smallest turtle in our state is the Musk Turtle.
We found Swimmy, under a water tower in town.

Down near Pumpkins foot is Ernest, the Mud Turtle resting in a shady spot.
(Resting at #5, hummmm.)

At the Chamber of Commerce is #6.
This one had a Cherokee name, Skyagunsta, a Diamondback Terrapin.

Learning map skills were in full force with Pumpkin.

At a local church is where we found Hollingsworth, the Gopher Tortoise. -
(#7 looking tired here,) 

We passed by Turbo again at the parts store on or way to ...

Pokey, the Painted turtle.
Two blocks down hill to the old jail turned County Museum was a Spotted Turtle,
Sequoyah - a Cherokee name.
Fireball Coyote read a few clues for us.

After trekking back up two blocks, we find Henry, the Leatherback Sea Turtle.
(#11 hummmm We look REALLY beat here!)

Sadly, Sparky, an Eastern Box turtle, is last and we need to wait for him.
Our clue is "I live where people learn."  Well,  the middle school is being rebuilt
at the high school's old location.

Not sure why they allowed the flier to be out without all the turtles for us to see.  Oh well.  We still had fun and will sleep well tonight! ;-)
 Before the turtle hunt ... 
Fireball Coyote was robin watching. 

And both boys started blogging on
 I LOVE this site because it ISN'T public :-)  They can type, make mistakes, we can correct them, and I get to approve posting!!!  I told them when I feel they are ready to go public I'd let them.

 Robin's Head
Fireball Coyote

Now to recharge and get ready for a baseball game.  Go Bats!

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