Sunday, May 13, 2012

Schoolopoly, Table Rock & Gardening

On Thursday, over at Rakis Rad Resources, I found her version of a Monopoly board.  I had found a much larger one to be used on a bulletin board, but I found this one easier for what we need.  Pumpkin even decided to make his own game and calls it "Fameopoly."  He wrote what he wanted as prices and how may floors a house has, came up with his own rules - ex.- no one can buy their own property - found, printed & cut out money.  

Playing the game before cards & money were cut.
Fireball Coyote gives it thumbs up :-)

As they were doing this I made one for us to use with more school and practical life skills.

 I put on there things such as: play a spelling game (Scrabble, Boggle, Bananagrams), do 3 chores (which they get paid extra for in their "checks"), be calm & quiet all day (no "fit" throwing), play a card math game, go for a walk for 15 min., research the year _????__ , find 5 facts about a new country, etc.

The Chance cards have things like: feed the cats, feed the dogs, do a research project & present it, cook dinner for everyone one day this week, move ahead one space, and more.   The Community Chest cards have things like: bake something for someone and give it away, clean the living room floor and dining room table, smile all day long, do something kind and unexpected for someone, and so on.

holder by, Pumpkin

For each tally mark, when they do one, they get paid an extra dollar in their checks.

Happily they rolled and landed on the 15 min. walk, then were excited to do more.  Fireball Coyote landed on "Free Afternoon" (& stayed),  Pumpkin rolled several more times and had the cats, cook dinner and clean the living room & table.  I joined in too and had make a card and mail it, then be calm and quite - woohoo! :-)

Pumpkin also landed on play a word game & chose Scrabble Jr.  till he left for Kids Club and Fireball Coyote had a baseball game.

On Friday, we had a homeschoolers field trip, that I set up.  (I'm happy to say it was attended very nicely. And we a huge hit.  (Go me!)

Table Rock State Park
We hiked around a lake at the bottom of the mountain, about 2 miles.

Our fearless leader Ranger Scott.

Off we go.

At the half way mark, about.

A question after wards.  

Group photo.
 The boys interviewed Ranger Scott about his job and the park afterwards.  
This also goes to their JR. Ranger work.  

We all had a picnic lunch after at the park and then headed to a local ice cream place, Aunt Sue's.  YUM!!!

 After ice cream we stopped by the headquarters for Table Rock State Park to get their stamps and turned in their work so far.
The purple beads, at the top,  is the way the trail use to be before they finished around the lake.

Getting their certificates and flashlight for part one out of three. 

Posing for the headquarters pictures.

Interviewing Ranger Calvin.

A walk on the dock at the headquarters.

Look at what we found!

All the black "dots" are tadpoles!!!

The Cherokee Indians called this Table Rock, because they thought their God sat on the little mountain on the right and called it Stool Mountain.  He ate off the larger mountain on the left, the table.

On Saturday

 Planting, watering & 


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