Friday, May 4, 2012

Alpaca's and Picnic Fun

The camera date says tomorrow, but it really was today May 4th.

Everyone enjoyed the peahen and peacock.
Later the boys got a peacock feather.  

Over heard that the lady who live and runs the farm use to quilt and that's why they have one.

The first layer of sheering is a higher quality and worth more than the second layer.

Cria - baby alpaca.

Honeysuckle anyone? 

The array of colors.

The males are seperated from the females.


Lunch time at the park.

Photos by: Fireball Coyote
"Look mom. A moose!"

They have 1 horse and 2 donkeys. 

Photos by: Pumpkin
Experimenting with coloring.

They also have 3 pygmy goats.

GUESS WHAT!!!!???!!!

I found the camera!  Here's the mountain bike.

Fireball Coyote doing a bird puzzle after looking at bird prints in the driveway.

Bring on the rest of weekend.

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