Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I LOVE How it Was Said

   I was wondering about our homeschooling the other day.  Am I doing enough?  Are the boys really learning anything?  What should I do?

   Then ,as I was reading one of my other blogs, they mentioned/linked to Pam's at everydaysnapchots.blobspot.com   So I hopped over and read it.  Pam was thinking pretty much the same thing. 

 I read it and I LOVED how Pam thought about unschooling.   It helped me relax a bit more in our unschooling adventures.  

Read the full article by clicking on the picture.

Yes, her kids are younger than mine, however, as Pam said, "My job is to lovingly offer a wide variety of things for them to try and enjoy."

  I'd like to think that I am doing that.

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