Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rest, Pretzels, and a Surprise

Monday was a relaxing day for all.  I was down and out with a bad cold and wasn't up for much. So ...

Fireball Coyote set up a picnic lunch for us.  

Both did games after they cleaned their room ;-)
Fireball Coyote also worked with PS2 and watched PBS Kid Shows.

On Tuesday: 
Fireball Coyote has been dying to make pretzels, so we finally did.

While Fireball Coyote mixed the dough, Pumpkin was having his Lego men run, do push-ups and sit-ups.

After the dough had risen, Pumpkin said he'd help make the pretzels.

Yesterday there was an odd quiet in the house.  I found this!

A turtle.  A "late" Mother's Day gift from Fireball Coyote.

We had also watched a movie called Grizzly Falls.  It was about a boy who's dad is a big game hunter and winds up getting captured by a mother bear.  Earlier they both worked on again.

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