Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Up's and Down's of Life

Our S.O.S. playdate went well.  New people came and we made more new friends.  One day, hopefully,  everyone will  get to meet each other. :-)

The kids learned about a game called Rolblox, and loving it!

They have even been taking turns nicely too! :-)

Pumpkin made a parking area on Rolblox and parked four cars.  This lead to a talk about parking spaces and sizes of them and vehicles.

Then it started to snow. WOOHOO! 

It came down looking like "Dippy Dots".
And didn't last long. :-(

We had Yummy Eat-N-Park cookies, thanks to my mom. (Thanks Mom! :-) <3! )

Pumpkin worked on his gaming programming , that we 'dropped in on' the other night.

 Check out what he can do! 

A fight broke out and there was an injury and tears.  Sharing the computer didn't go so well that day.  After some down and alone time away from each other they were best buds again.

We hung out at the library and then waited for Latin to start.  Fireball Coyote used some color paddles I found when cleaning out a drawer.  (I knew he'd have fun with them.)

Pumpkin started to re-read a book, then put it back after he saw Fireball Coyote on the computer.

Pumpkin and his friend acted out some scenes in the book with his friends friend from school.

We also said Goodbye to one of our cats today.  Fuzzy Head needed to go to a new home and the girl was Thrilled with him.  His being literally under my feet when I walk out will be missed a bit, but his love and friendship will be missed Greatly!  Be good Fuzzy.

Coming up a hike at a lake, computer gaming class, hanging with friends, an up coming S.O.S.'s MNO and more.  Have a great week!

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