Saturday, February 2, 2013

S.O.S., A Storm, Pokemon & ?!?!~Shakespeare~?!?!

Our homeschooling group that we are associated with is called School's Out Support.  They are located a nice 3 hour dive away. :-/  Every month or so they have a Mom's Night Out (MNO) for mom's to chat, stay focused, get new ideas, make friends and such.  Someone in the Upstate said they wanted to be part of that, but didn't want to drive 3 hours there and then 3 hours back.  A few others and myself expressed the same feelings.  It was posted that we could meet in the Upstate and do the same thing.  No one really wanted to take the lead, so I did.  I set our first get together at a "local" park.  (everyone drove/ will drive about 45 min. or less to get there.)

 There were a total of  seven families that replied and three showed up.  Two I knew wouldn't make it ~ out of town or a really sick child.  One I never heard from again and one at the last minute something happened.
 So, it was decided between the 3 of us to have monthly playdates and monthly MNO.
 Our next playdate is the day before Valentine's day & MNO is the last Wednesday of the month.  

 I decided that I'm not going to do field trips for the kids, since the one's I met are in a group or two that does that and I'm not going to be competition and really don't want the pressure of planning all that.  It's hard/easy enough to look at my calendar, pick a day to play and keep the last Wednesday open for dinners.

We had some errands to do before all the rain and warnings, so off the bank, library, play at the park (get some of that penned-up storm energy out) and what do they play??? Pokemon. (sigh) At least they were all over the park for an hour.  Then a walk around the yard to secure everything.

When I was talking with one of the mom's (who is from Surrey, England) she said that they watch something called Horrible History, for some history things.  So I checked it out the next day.  I watched
It was interesting.  First of all, you need to see the history in it. Second, not mind the British humor.  I showed it to Pumpkin, because of all his Latin lessons, he liked it and thought it was funny.  I pointed out the facts ( which there are) and asked if what he learned was similar, he concurred.  So, now if I could get them to visit it more often, that would be good.  I proceeded to watch this one and this one and Fireball Coyote sat on the couch watching over my shoulder.  He said the last one was weird and funny.
Next to check out Drive Through History.

Time to

Batten down the hatches
In previous posts I mentioned how the boys are into Pokemon. (ugh)  
 Pumpkin saw at the library he could get a "How to draw book" and was excited when it came.

 Before the rains came I cut some daffodils since they are blooming all around the yard. 

Fireball Coyote was ready for the tornado warnings!
Does it look like this at your house?
 If you missed these shows on PBS make sure to check them out ~ Nature & Life of Fire were AWESOME!
Some postcard valentines, I made, for an exchange for the boys. (Fireball Coyote backed out :-/ )

Loving how the light came through.

Making lunch for brother & himself.

Dad has gone out of town for a bit and I had visions of the boys and I sitting down to nice candle lit dinners, talking, and having fun.  Well, ...
It's not happening. (sigh)

It is, on my part,  I've "let go" more and am letting them play outside longer (the cold night air is helping them sleep better and faster). ;-)  There is still time for maybe one nice dinner.
They did just come in and talk about a cool science lesson they all discovered.  They were on the neighbors trampoline and found they were making static electricity sparks in the dark.  They just figured it out and enjoying it so much they ignored my first calling. :-/  Lucky for them they came on my second calling. :-)
Even after the dinner sadness (on my part) we do enjoy our evenings by cuddling on the couch and watching tv. Tonight ~ Undercover Boss, and (a request! :-) by Pumpkin ) to watch PBS Shakespeare Uncover, Richard II With Derek Jacobi and Henry IV & Henry V With Jeremy Irons, back to back shows.  All stemming from a trip to the library one Saturday back in JULY!  (WOOPWOOP! GO MOM! ;-)  )
(Sidenote: Pumpkin was pretty much asleep by 10:22 pm ;-)   )

Coming up this week, we have a movie at the library, computer class, more PBS, time with "aunt & uncle" friends,  Second Saturday ~ Engineer-It! and 'getting to know' Benedict Arnold.  I am so looking forward to next week!


  1. Sounds like Mom has it going on! Good for you.

    You mentioned Drive Thru History, we LOVE it. It mixes enough humor it keeps my DD's attention. It also has a Christian Worldview which I appreciate.

    Best wishes to you.

    My favorite homeschool literature site.

  2. Thank you Jackie.

    I'm glad to hear that Drive Through History is a good site.

    Stop by again and have a great day!