Friday, February 15, 2013

Filling in the Spaces

In between the "big" events of the past week, Second Saturday & Benedict Arnold, the boys have been working on math, science, spelling, language, and more.
More Valentines  to fill out for a pizza/Valentine's Day party.

Working on his computer homework.

Playing Math Blasters.
Playing outside.

Saving dragons and playing Pokemon with his sword.

Animal Jam
Sent out our Valentines to the Christian Unschoolers.
Buying Pokemon cards with their own coins (poor cashier!).  Luckily, one lady that was in line behind them the cashier took her next, and the customer kept saying "What a great learning experience."   I was happy to hear that.   I think it helped with the cashier, too.  I offered to buy her a pop, but she refused and said, "No, don't worry about it. Go and enjoy your day."  (Bless her God!)

On Tuesday, the 12th, Pumpkin had a Lego Robotics class at R.M.S.C., so Fireball Coyote & I walked the paths (yellow). The blue was what we all walked before class.

What's wrong here?!? Hummm....

We all were surprised at how much the pond rose compared to before

I walked the halls after the outdoor walk and read amazing facts about the blue whales! (Sorry for the sideways picture)

Pumpkin and his partner testing their vehicle. 

After watching (2 weeks ago) PBS's part 3 of Attenborough's Life Stories, I noticed a picture for Lonesome George.
As always we enjoyed last weeks Nature, Nova, and Life of Fire. In addition to this weeks Nature and Nova.

Valentine's Day and Pizza
Going "behind the scenes".

Fireball Coyote learned that they need a 30 lb. bag of flour to make  60 dough balls.

Getting ready to pass out Valentines.


Making their own pizzas.

In to the oven for 7 minutes and done.

Looking sad because, "I want a friend to sit with me".       (& YES! Each child received a WHOLE pizza!)

What clowns!

Yeah! His friend!!! ;-)  (Fireball just commented that he has better table manners! ;-)  )

A few of us then moved to a local park and fun was had by all! (mom's included! :-)   )

Some down time with Sploder! 

And (eye roll) Pokemon.

 on to a new computer class, game programming.  More of this to come next week, we (& 2 others) were a week early.
Showing brother what he learned.
Pumpkin also realized by being in this class that he needs to work on his typing skills.
 (& maybe spelling too). ;-)

The weekend and next week brings, a SOS playdate, computer programming class, a playdate with a friend, Latin, PBS, computer game programming class, and whatever comes our way. Bring it!

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