Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Benedict Arnold

           Meeting and interacting with
                   Benedict Arnold

The Greenville Chautauqua and Ken Johnston presented Benedict Arnold, Sunday.

 Making his announcement that he had news and for all to gather in the hall.

Benedict asked the audience what was going on at the time of his life ~ the American Revolution. The reason of the revolution, and a few other questions.  Then he proceeded to tell us his side of the story.  It was up to us to decide if he was a traitor or not.  

Some highlights of what Benedict Arnold experienced: 

That our government was established at this time and they didn't listen to the people back then either.

Many of the attacks that Benedict led, they succeeded in, and people wanted to help him and be part of his team.

  He knew how to attack a troop in Quebec, Canada, informed George Washington, and the government was late in their aid, which led to Arnold being one day late in his attack.  We lost Canada because of this.
His left leg was shot at three times and crushed by his horse, he refused amputation, and survived.

He had been married twice and had a total of six children, five sons and one daughter. 

He fought for our freedom with his own money, since the government wasn't ready to support what he needed, even though they approved and liked what he wanted and did do.  Then they (the government) tried to bill him (Benedict).

 That after five years of war,  England granted America what we were asking for and the government turned it down.

 This is when Benedict became upset and disappointed in America and the government.  He finished what he needed to in America then returned to England, his children stayed.
The floor was then open to Benedict for questions and later Ken for questions. 

The boys were a bit bored, but it was a 'short, sweet' introduction  to our American history. And from someone else's point of view that they would of never know of in a different light. 

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