Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Snow, Super Bowl, & Computer Programming

After the boys slept in, from breathing all that cold night air in and watching Shakespeare on PBS on Friday, they woke at 9:15 and 10 AM.  Then it was off to the movie with our friends.

Since Pumpkin did read the series, we're following up on some of the movies.

It's hard to see, but shortly after we arrived home, it started to SNOW!!!! :-)
 ( The white slash/blob at the pine tree is snow. )

Pumpkin came back in to change into a winter coat & I sent one out for Fireball Coyote, while they play with the kids next door.  After being out there for a few hours they came in.  I noticed that Much Ado About Nothing was on, so Pumpkin & I watched it after his computer time, and while Fireball Coyote was on the computer.  Then I tried to put in Huck Finn, but it wouldn't play, gunk on the back.  So we watched Disney's Treasure Island.  I heard that Crest toothpaste will remove gunk, may try it.  

Sunday ~ Go Ravens! (Since the Steelers couldn't make it :-(  )

Finally got my clean table and candles! :-) 

We watched the Pens beat the Caps. WOOHOO!

Prepping the garlic for the wings.

The Feast is served!

Candle light and all :-) 

More valentines, to send out and for a Valentines day Pizza Party on the 14th.

A walk in the woods at the rec center, trying to lead to the park, but it was a no-go.

Pumpkin noticed woodpecker holes.

The whole park to ourselves.

Time for computer programming.

Tonight they learned about shadow-box and  text-box.

Changing it from red to blue.

Adding the shadow and playing with its size.

Adding more colors and rotation for shadowing.

Verses Inset style .

Adding the rotation. 

Blends some of the colors.

Fireball Coyote playing Gameboy. 

Adding text and shadows.

Pumpkin's work. 

With rotation.

If you are interested in following along the site we get our homework off is CoderDojo Web Programming.

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