Friday, March 8, 2013


I know it's been a L-O-N-G time since I posted last, but if the boys haven't been on the computer, we've been going, & going, & going, & going ...  So here's the long & short of it.

Homeschooler Field trip walk at Lake Conestee Park.

Looking at

The Reedy River

The trees are wrapped to protect them from beavers.

"The Four Friends"

Blue Heron's nests.

A picnic lunch followed with play time.

They had fun with all the equipment there too.

Pokemon sorting

A drive to Charlotte, NC, to meet people from Carolina Homeschooler's at Discovery Place.  There was so much new stuff for us, that I could do a whole blog on what they did & learned! (But here's some highlights.)

Compare sizes with bears.

Look at their Rain-forest. 


Touch tanks.

Oh dear! What is he in for?!?!

Fireball Coyote pulled himself up on all 3 sections ~ hard, harder, & Hardest! 

Nothing beats a bed of nails!

A participant in a science experiment with the scenes.

BOOM! (add evil laugh)

The area the boys spent the most time and came back too the most often.  Fireball Coyote also made a new friend while we were there, the boy in the orange jacket in the back left ~ 2 peas-in-a-pod!

They had a yoga class with the Homeschooler group.

Acting like lions.  

Me & My 2 boys took a snakes class at R.M.S.C. 

Holding  a corn snake.

Our favorite was not a snake, but a legless lizard.

Beautiful sunset on the way home.

Fireball Coyote and I walked the paths again at R.M.S.C. while ...

Pumpkin had a heart dissection class.

and got to cut it himself! He LOVED it!!
So between Rolblox, Animal Jam, Latin classes, Computer coding & gaming classes, running-around days,  we have been going & going & going.
Coming up in the next few weeks is the above list, in addition to a birthday party, Second Saturday, an astronomy class, baseball practices, dentist appointments, S.O.S playdate & MNO, and a meeting with Davy Crockett.

Like I said ~ "GO! GO DOGS! GO!"

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