Thursday, March 21, 2013


WOW! A lot of changes happening here!  Time change. Weather change. And a Job change. Phew.

Here's how things have been changing and going on.

We went to a friends birthday party & I made him an art box.

Pumpkin & dad reseeded the yard.

Then it was time to change the clocks.  I planned a nice easy, carefree week because of the time change, but that was to change, for me at least.

Late afternoon Party Time!

They played animal tag.

Did push-ups?  No. Had a yoga plank contest.
The birthday boy.
Then came my BIG change.  No more sleeping in during the week and an opportunity to make a buck or two.
The "newest addition" to the house.  A Very Sweet 11 month old boy.  ( I think I'll refer to him as L.J. from here on out.)  He comes at 7 AM and leaves around 4 PM, depending on everyone's schedule.  So much for sleeping in for me.

One afternoon as L.J. was napping the boys played Pokemon.

And looked through all their cards again.

L.J. comes to Latin with us, too.

OH MY!     Caught reading at the library.  ;-)
L.J. was a bit sick Tuesday and by Wednesday afternoon he was at the Dr.'s with his mom and had a bad cold & contagious stomach bug.  We were to be at the dentist in late morning Wednesday, but she was on her way, so we post-poned it till the afternoon, after our S.O.S. playdate.
A nice picnic lunch at R.M.S.C. with some S.O.S people.

By the time we got to the dentist Fireball Coyote & I had what L.J. had. (So, we rescheduled a 3rd time.)  And, by the end of the day ALL of us were very sick.  So, I challenged the boys NOT to learn anything the next two days for our 'sick days'.  Fireball Coyote said, "That's easy."  Pumpkin said, "That's impossible."  Well, Fireball Coyote had a 'lesson' on when the first clock was invented one day. The other day they had a NASA lesson watching PBS's History Detectives, along with ...

Everyone (the 'boys') enjoy the router dad bought so they can be on the computers and he on his iPhone at the same time, doing their own things.
The boys worked with  and  a frog math game

Chatted on FB together.
By Saturday, most of us were feeling 80% - 100% better.  Dad had had it with the boys hair since it was a Hot day.  So .... the boys came home with a cut they chose & dad had a BLAST watching them get.


Mowhawk  & THRILLED! 

I think this is his new favorite pose for pictures.

Dad said the expression was from the conversation that was going on.  I believe this to be true since later Pumpkin said to me, "Mom, I think I finally found my cut."  (If you look you can see the back is still long.  He decided he doesn't like that and will go for a Long flat-top next time.)
Starting this week off Fireball Coyote started baseball practices (pictures later), still doing Latin & computer with Pumpkin.  Who also had a History of Astronomy lesson at R.M.S.C., Nova~ The Smartest Machine on Earth and Secrets of the Dead ~ The World's Biggest Bomb, and today, finally, the dentist appointment.  One is good to go and the other 4 ~ YIKES! ~ 4 cavities :-(

Saturday will be a BIG day starting with a Mushroom Lab of local mushrooms, a meeting with Davy Crockett and more.

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