Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baseball, Stars, 'Shrooms, & Davy

The boys have been doing their morning routine of breakfast &/or computers first.  Then I 'boot' them off for a bit till after lunch and then a bit more time.  They love their A.J., Rolblox, Sploder, & FB.  Then it's on to the Latin, computer classes, baseball practices, or what-not.  Rolling with life's rolls.
Baseball Practice has started at home and

and on the field

From our livingroom window.

I love how L.J. sleeps 

On a blog I get  Dynamic 2 Mom's they found a GREAT version of Pokemon that is connected with real world environmental things; animals, environment, forces of nature, the Phylo Trading Card Game.  I downloaded all the copies they have and the boys Love them, mainly Pumpkin.  Here he is sorting his cards.

Everyone enjoys the computer.

L.J. made his mom a First day of Spring picture.

Pumpkin took a class at R.M.S.C. 

He was one of 5 people that signed up.

Pumpkin's Arduino class at The Iron Yard

The boys did a Mushroom Lab on a Saturday followed by ...

Stories of Davy Crockett ~ True or False
 There were parents there that were surprised that kids could learn on a Saturday & they didn't even have to teach.  I was like, "Um.  Yeah, we do it all the time."  (I had a good chuckle.)
Kids that wanted to could go sit on the floor.

This is not what Davy (or Daniel Boone) wore regularly   They wore 'normal' clothes for their time.  But they did wear this kind of outfit in the woods, Davy's white & Daniel's light blue.  That way the Indians knew they were friends.

Good Goofy Friends

We discovered this day that 2 of us had strep.  So while waiting for meds. the boys ordered  their lunch.

I had Fireball Coyote finish a puzzle that was too hard for him last year.  No trouble this year.

A tall oak tree came down in our yard  = a bon fire tonight
We enjoyed our evening of PBS shows, it's been awhile since they had them on ~ Nature ~ River of No Return, Nova ~ Meteor Strike & Hunting the Elements.
I rearranged some furniture in our house and made "strewing & Montessori" shelves for all my boys .  L.J. LOVES the color tiles and works with them every time he's here.

Pumpkin had fun with the Etch-A-Sketch and made his, Fireball Coyote, & L.J.'s name, plus our last name.

Pumpkin is worried he's not learning enough and I asked, "Well, what about?"  "Math", was his reply, "Division".  After talking a bit he realized he did know division and that lead to fractions and place value.  In addition to using the Montessori fraction box I have, that both boys used.  Pumpkin's work is above & I forgot to take a picture of Fireball Coyote's.  He had a stack of 1/6th's and said that it would make 1 circle.  So I had him make it.  He discovered he made 1 with 6 parts.  I asked how many he could make with what he had left.  It turned out to be 2 5/6.  (Who says kids won't learn on their own?!?)

L.J. had a birthday party today.  The BIG 1  !

I think he had fun & enjoyed his cake with Resee's on top (to make the Lego dots).

Pumpkin was even motivated to write a 'pen-pal' in England to see if he plays Rolblox.  I didn't fix his spelling, I wanted to  let it go & see what happens.

This week brings "Other Brother" for Fireball Coyote's birthday, a break from comp. classes and Latin this and next week, baseball practices, and trip to the State Museum.  It maybe a quite week.
 Out like a lion and in like a lamb, right.

Have a Great Easter!

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