Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Working, Fun, and Working for Fun

On Father's Day, we all went to Golden Corral for breakfast.  After filling our bellies the boys went home with dad to work in the shop and me to grocery shop in peace.  When I returned home they were pouring concrete and doing yard work.

Fireball cutting grass.
 They were so tired from all the weekend events.
I love when Fireball Coyote falls asleep reading.

Monday, the boys did their Minecraft thing. Then we did some bean picking.
Garden Photos by Fireball Coyote.

The basket was filled, washed, cut and froze. Totaling 5 1/2 lbs of beans.

Sugar snaps.

Eggs of a critter destroying the beans.
So Pumpkin decided to Fry some eggs by letting them sit in the sun.

Wednesday, we went to the library for the Easley High School's Robotics Team.

"Look mom.  I'm an angel."
After the program we tried to go to the local park with out friends, but it's still under construction. (ugh!)
So we headed back to the library for some computer time.

Thursday, it was more Xbox Mincraft and computer games.  I had the boys get the mail and Pumpkin was VERY surprised to get a letter from England, his penpal.
Pumpkin got right on writing his penpal back.

Friday, the boys did their Xbox thing, then it was off to work again.  Since Safe Haven was having their summer fund raiser I thought the boys should be part of how things go during an event.
Getting the coolers ready for drinks.
Among with getting the games ready we wanted to do for the event and coming up with two new ones.

As we were leaving, there was a few guys pushing a trampoline down the road.
Ummmm. Ok.

Then it was time for the BIG day!
Animals still needed to be fed.
Pumpkin in the background setting up one of our games, Frisbee golf.

Along with the Frisbee golf (new), we did a ball duck pond,
guess how many balls fit in the bird cage (new),
A foam archery game.

There was shaded eating areas.
Music was added this year.
Pumpkin giving an archery lesson.
Jen and Sam.
The Scaly Adventure Crew joined us again this year.

Yummy hot dogs with a wide verity of toppings.

Touch an animal area.
Entrance table.  With a auction table and raffle ticket table.
T-shirts, jewelry, painted eggs and more all for sale.

Fireball Coyote dancing to Pharrell Williams' Happy song.

Sam and all the animals were cooled off continuously, with a cool misting of water.

Before we knew it, it was all over.

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